Field Test of Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution

Date: 2014-09-29
Authors Y.-L. Tang, H.-L. Yin, S.-J. Chen, Y. Liu, W.-J. Zhang, X. Jiang, L. Zhang, J. Wang, L.-X. You, J.-Y. Guan, D.-X. Yang, Z. Wang, H. Liang, Z. Zhang, N. Zhou, X. Ma, T.-Y. Chen, Q. Zhang *, and J.-W. Pan
Journal No. IEEE J. Sel. T. Quantum Electron. 21, 6600407 (2014)
Abstract The main type of obstacles of practical applications of quantum key distribution (QKD) network are various attacks on detection. Measurement-device-independent QKD (MDIQKD) protocol is immune to all these attacks, and thus, a strong candidate for network security. Recently, several proof-of-principle demonstrations of MDIQKD have been performed. Although novel, those experiments are implemented in the laboratory with secure key rates less than 0.1 b/s. Besides, they need manual calibration frequently to maintain the system performance. These aspects render these demonstrations far from practicability. Thus, justification is extremely crucial for practical deployment into the field environment. Here, by developing an automatic feedback MDIQKD system operated at a high clock rate, we perform a field test via deployed fiber network of 30 km total length achieving a 16.9 b/s secure key rate. The result lays the foundation for a global quantum ne