Scattering and effective interactions of ultracold atoms with spin-orbit coupling

Date: 2013-05-31
Authors Long Zhang, Youjin Deng, and Peng Zhang
Journal No. Phys. Rev. A 87, 053626 (2013)
Abstract We derive an analytical expression for the scattering amplitude of two ultracold atoms of arbitrary spin and with general spin-orbit (SO) coupling, on the basis of our recent work [ Phys. Rev. A 86 053608 (2012)]. As an application, we demonstrate that SO coupling can induce scattering resonance in the case with finite scattering length. The same approach can be applied to calculate the two-body bound state of SO-coupled ultracold atoms. For the ultracold spin-1/2 Fermi gases in three- or two- dimensional systems with SO coupling, we also obtain the renormalization relation of effective contact interaction with momentum cutoff, as well as the applicability of Huang-Yang pseudopotential.