Percolation transitions in two dimensions

Date: 2008-09-30
Authors X. -M. Feng, Y. Deng, and H. W. J. Blote
Journal No. Phys. Rev. E 78, 031136 (2008)
Abstract We investigate bond- and site-percolation models on several two-dimensional lattices numerically, by means of transfer-matrix calculations and Monte Carlo simulations. The lattices include the square, triangular, honeycomb kagome, and diced lattices with nearest-neighbor bonds, and the square lattice with nearest- and next-nearest-neighbor bonds. Results are presented for the bond-percolation thresholds of the kagome and diced lattices, and the site-percolation thresholds of the square, honeycomb, and diced lattices. We also include the bond- and site-percolation thresholds for the square lattice with nearest- and next-nearest-neighbor bonds. We find that corrections to scaling behave according to the second temperature dimension Xt2=4 predicted by the Coulomb gas theory and the theory of conformal invariance. In several cases there is evidence for an additional term with the same exponent, but modified by a logarithmic factor. Only for the site-percolation problem on the triangular lattice does such a logarithmic term appear to be small or absent. The amplitude of the power-law correction associated with Xt2=4 is found to be dependent on the orientation of the lattice with respect to the cylindrical geometry of the finite systems.