A proof-of-principle experiment of eliminating photon-loss errors in cluster states

Date: 2008-05-20
Authors W. -B. Gao, X. -Q. Zhou, J. Zhang, T. Yang, and J. -W. Pan
Journal No. New Journal of Physics10, 055003 (2008)
Abstract Quantum computation can be efficiently achieved by adopting the cluster-state model in principle, that is, first preparing multi-qubit cluster states and then performing single-qubit measurements. One problem encountered in this model is that qubits are easily lost, leaving the remaining qubits in a mixed state. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a simple way to eliminate such errors in one-dimensional cluster states using the polarizing beam splitter (PBS) gate, and we also perform the indirect-Z measurement to overcome qubit loss. The methods of quantum state tomography and entanglement witness are exploited to verify the performance of the schemes, and the experimental results indicate good agreement with the theoretical predictions.