Experimental Non-Local Generation of Entanglement from Independent Sources

Date: 2009-07-07
Authors X. -M. Jin, R. Jugen, J. Yin, and T. Yang
Journal No. Chinese Physics Letters 26 070302 (2009)
Abstract We experimentally demonstrate a non-local generation of entanglement from two independent photonic sources in an ancilla-free process. Two bosons (photons) are entangled in polarization space by steering into a novel interferometer setup, in which they have never met each other. The entangled photons are delivered to polarization analyzers in different sites, respectively, and a non-local interaction is observed. Entanglement is further verified by the way of the measured violation of a CHSH type Bell's inequality with S-values of 2.54 and 27 standard deviations. Our results will shine a new light onto the understanding of how quantum mechanics works, have possible philosophic consequences on the one hand and provide an essential element for quantum information processing on the other hand. Potential applications of our results are briefly discussed.