Phase transitions in self-dual generalizations of the Baxter-Wu model

Date: 2010-03-11
Authors Y. Deng, W. Guo, J. R. Heringa, H. W. J. Blöte, and B. Nienhuis
Journal No. Nuclear Physics B 827 [FS], 406 (2010)
Abstract We study two types of generalized Baxter–Wu models, by means of transfer-matrix and Monte Carlo techniques. The first generalization allows for different couplings in the up- and down-triangles, and the second generalization is to a q-state spin model with three-spin interactions. Both generalizations lead to self-dual models, so that the probable locations of the phase transitions follow. Our numerical analysis confirms that phase transitions occur at the self-dual points. For both generalizations of the Baxter–Wu model, the phase transitions appear to be discontinuous.