Decoy-state quantum key distribution with polarized photons over 200 km

Date: 2010-04-08
Authors Y. Liu, T. -Y. Chen, J. Wang, W. -Q. Cai, X. Wan, L. -K. Chen, J. -H. Wang, S. -B. Liu, H. Liang, L. Yang, C. -Z.Peng, K. Chen, Z. -B. Chen, J. -W. Pan
Journal No. Optics Express 18, 8587 (2010)
Abstract We report an implementation of decoy-state quantum key distribution (QKD) over 200 km optical fiber cable through photon polarization encoding. This is achieved by constructing the whole QKD system operating at 320 MHz repetition rate, and developing high-speed transmitter and receiver modules. A novel and economic way of synchronization method is designed and incorporated into the system, which allows to work at a low frequency of 40kHz and removes the use of highly precise clock. A final key rate of 15 Hz is distributed within the experimental time of 3089 seconds, by using super-conducting single photon detectors. This is longest decoy-state QKD yet demonstrated up to date. It helps to make a significant step towards practical secure communication in long-distance scope.