Experimental demonstration of topological error correction

Date: 2009-05-13
Authors Wei-Bo Gao, Austin G. Fowler, Robert Raussendorf, Xing-Can Yao, He Lu, Ping Xu, Chao-Yang Lu, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Youjin Deng, Zeng-Bing Chen, Jian-Wei Pan
Journal No. arXiv:0905.1542
Abstract Topological error correction--a novel method to actively correct errors based on cluster states with topological properties--has the highest order of tolerable error rates known to date (10^{-2}). Moreover, the scheme requires only nearest-neighbour interaction, particularly suitable for most physical systems. Here we report the first experimental demonstration of topological error correction with an 8-qubit optical cluster state. In the experiment, it is shown that a correlation can be protected against a single error on any single qubit. In addition, when all qubits are simultaneously subjected to errors with equal probability, the effective error rate is significantly reduced, clearly verifying the advantage of topological error correction. The quantum gate with the error rate below the threshold is within the current experimental technology. We believe topological error correction should be a critical ingredient for the future large-scale quantum computation.